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Really kinda scared because all of a sudden today my right boob really started to hurt and my scar is really red? Like more than before?
My doctor said it could just be them adjusting or nerves growing back but it’s kinda freaking me out tbh
I haven’t really had feeling in them for a while and then boom - lots of pain.

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Hello! Since school is over for me, I am opening my commissions again. I draw any fandom, and also OCs. For the full bodied + detailed background commissions those really depend on what you’re asking for so a price cannot really be given unless you email me about it! =D I draw anything, though I usually keep it sfw. If you have a particular day you need a commission by please let me know in advance. 

For any further questions, or if you would like to commission me, my email is voodooling@live.com!


- Sam

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